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  4. I had a bovine aortic valve replacement (Edwards sapien 3) 2 yrs ago and just recently had several afib episodes. My electrophysiologist put me on Eliquis 25 mg 2x/day. Also changed my pacemaker controls. Don't know if afib is any better yet until next download. When I had afib episodes I did not notice any symptoms except maybe I was more fatigued.

    Has anyone else experienced afib after valve replacement - 1 to 2 or more years post.

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  7. An update on Xarelto! When I saw that Xarelto was not on the list of 2018 for aetna, I gave them a call. Then the letter from aetna saying that it would not be on the 2018 list. Yesterday I received a letter from aetna saying that my Xarelto would be covered for the coming year...Yeah! Don't have to find another insurance company.

    1. chubabubba


      Thanks for the update.  I'm glad you'll be able to stay with them.  I've decided to go with Silverscript for most prescriptions.  I have two that I can buy from WalMart on their generic $4 list.  

  8. Cue:  Where you been?

    David H


  9. How do I update info that is on bottom of posts ? I need to update . Thanks, Didi

  10. Hey Jersey ! 

    Please give me the info on home sleep apnea test you liked ? Can I order it myself and just take to my doctor? 

    Thanks, Didi

    1. peteycap


      It costs a max of $200 if you do it yourself. If the doctor refers you it will be covered.

  11. Sue - how does one add their photo ? Thanks, Didi

  12. First diagnosed June 2016

    Pradaxa and Diltiazem 

    Switched to Flecainide after one month - did not tolerate

    Cardioversion # 1 July  - lasted 10 days

    cardioversion # 2 lasted 2 weeks

    stopped Flecainide and Pradaxa ( switched to Eliquis)

    cardioversion # 3 August 2016 followed by Tikosyn hospital stay 

    Tikosyn successful 

    Stayed in nsr until Feb 2017 

    cardioversion # 4 

    added 12&1/2 mg of Metoprolol to 500 mg Tikosyn 2xd & Eliquis 5 mg 2xd 

    Experience other strange rate related issues but generally AFib free 

    Take 600 mg Magnesium daily 

  13. If you are lying, SMILE!

  14. Why didn't I think of that...thanx Heather.

  15. Diagnosed with AFIB in 2016

    Pradaxa and Diltiazem initially prescribed.( July)

    Cardioversion July( lasted 2 weeks)

    Flecainide added 

    Sedcond Cardioversion - lasted 10 days 

    3rd Cardioversion followed by Tikosyn and Eliquis ( Sept)

     One Afib episode last Feb 

    4 th cardioversion

    12&1/2 mg of Metopoprol added to 500 Tikosyn 2xd & 5 mg Eliquis 5 mg 2xd


  16.  Hi Pete,

    Have perormed much research on it yet.  Maybe you can provide me with a headstart.  Is there a certain protocol typically followed in the cath lab to re-induce.  I know Isoproterenol if often used.  What else??



    1. peteycap


      Adenosine and isoproterenol

  17. Michigan

    im from Shelby Twp Mi

    A fibber here

    1. steffke0104


      Welcome! I'm over in Novi. I've been battling this beast for 12 years, two ablations behind me and my third scheduled at Beaumont Royal oak on may 15. I'm just one of those tough, nontraditional cases, but I keep on trying. I'm sure you'll find lots of great information and company here on the forum.


  18. Hi Carey

    im a midnight RN

    you should be sleeping


    1. Carey


      LOL... I'm an incurable night owl.

  19. Hi Carey,

    I haven't researched the issue at all.  Your LVEF is marvelous.  Is there a connection between FIB/AFL and damage to the ejection fraction?  I would think not unless the blood circulation is extensively poor and/or the FIB/AFL has been present for many many years.  Your thoughts?


    1. Carey


      I think you must be confusing my EF with Baba's. She's the one with the 69%. Mine is more like 60%. Pretty good, but nothing like hers, which is fantastic.

      At least during an AF/AFL episode I would bet EF is reduced, but unless you've gone without treatment for so long that you're experiencing heart failure from it, I doubt that AF/AFL have much effect on EF.


    2. Robbie


      That's pretty much what I thought.  60% is not good???  It's more than fine.;)

  20. I wish I could live a normal happy life again. We had been hoping to travel and enjoy life after retirement but afib has put a spoke in the wheels of our existence, hopefully not for good. 

  21. Hi Hawk,

    It's pointless getting irate with Pete. He claims an income of $437.5k - which if true, is obscene, and yet seems to have no tangible education. Not surprisingly he's VERY Republican in his outlook and when cornered will try to rubbish the author, largely because he's either wrong or can't assemble facts to argue with.

    He's naturally an establishment figure and will always argue the orthodox position that's been approved by the great and the good. He's gotten me so mad on a couple of occasions that I walked away from the site for a few months. Now I stick to emollient stuff - I can't be bothered with the aggravation.


    1. Hwkmn05


      Hi Otto, Im James. Only a few months??? I left for 2 years. He had his thought police, Melanie, take down a post I wrote which was mostly satire about my natural cure. Yes, hes not worth the rise in BP

      and most of what he posts is so unoriginal or copied, of little use to me. He does however need to be put in his place from time to time. VERY PUB? I am a blue dog Democrat, due to the communist/socialist ideologues in this country now.  Far righties and Progs Cant Undertand Normal Thinking, for the most part. James

  22. portable monitors


  23. Hi Mellanie.  I just spent 3 hours on a new topic and i cant find he damn thing.  it needs some further editing.  Ideas plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


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