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  1. David,

    I am removing your post about the book on Trump because politics is out of scope of this forum. 

    Our forum rules (at the top of the forum) explicitly state:

    " This forum is for supporting each other. To protect the harmony of this forum, the moderators reserve the right to remove members who are disrespectful to each other or to third parties, and to close threads when necessary (especially when they stray off into politics). Your use of this forum constitutes agreement with this policy. "


    1. David H

      David H

      I understand..............I also understand what the consequences of the membership being kept "in the dark" regarding a politicos' motives and movements.  I offered no evaluation -- just an insight (written by others) as to how government policies can affect one's healthcare.



    2. mellanie



      There are plenty of OTHER places that we each go to get a heads up on what is going on in politics. This will not be one of those places.

      It's not the posting of the book that is the problem so much as it is an open invitation for others to post their thoughts, which inevitably ends up in a flame war. The stress is not good for anyone with afib, so we try to keep this a stress-free zone.



    3. David H

      David H

      I capisce.


  2. Linda,

    Please stop "engaging" with Fred B (I am asking the same of him) and leave his comments alone until things cool down. Thanks.


    1. netmouse


      A cool off period makes great sense.  For me, it began with my Zia Patch post.  Fred and Otto immediately took it off on a tangent and were quite rude and wrong.  The intent of my post was lost.  Pete and Corey tried to help me out by pushing back on those two.  It may be a bit of sexism by the old boys or their quirky manner.  Otto has been fine after.

      I know Pete has had a rough time with NJgolfer in quite a few threads, he pushes back on her even saying he wouldn't take orders from a bully.  And it seems in the past there have been some "personalities". 

      If there is a really rough post, and I have received some whoppers from Fred, even telling me to eat a warfarin cookie, can I "report" a post as inappropriate and it will be removed? 

  3. Please note that the moderators reserve the right to remove copyrighted material. Also, you may quote materials for which you own the copyright. Mellanie
  4. Glossary

    Also, here is the link to our downloadable PDF of the CHA2DS2-VASc calculator.
  5. Welcome to the StopAfib Forum. It's easy to post your event to our Atrial Fibrillation Community Calendar. Just follow the easy steps below, and then let me know to approve it. You can e-mail me at or send me a private message on this forum. Thanks.
  6. Looking for afib patients for media opportunity.

  7. Welcome to the forum. My mini maze was done at Scott & White in Temple, TX, by the team of Charles Reiter and Erik Beyer. Dr. Reiter is still there, but Dr. Beyer has moved to another institution. There are other highly skilled surgeons around the country that also do mini maze, so I'll be glad to help you locate someone in your area if you'd like to share where you're located.

  8. Writing an e-zine about the discussion forums.