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  1. hi carey, thanks for your reply mate, its so frustrating having this thing with us and not knowing where its guna go.  iv read that some folk stay paroxysmal for 20/30 years but others are in permanent within 3 years.!!  I'm only just managing in the paroxysmal state (mentally anyway) and the thought of persistent/ permanent afib terrifies me. I know I should man up and think myself lucky that I have afib and not a terminal illness like some poor souls get and I am really. but I just cant help worrying.

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  3. How do I update info that is on bottom of posts ? I need to update . Thanks, Didi

  4. Hi Carey

    im a midnight RN

    you should be sleeping


    1. Carey


      LOL... I'm an incurable night owl.

  5. Hi Carey,

    I haven't researched the issue at all.  Your LVEF is marvelous.  Is there a connection between FIB/AFL and damage to the ejection fraction?  I would think not unless the blood circulation is extensively poor and/or the FIB/AFL has been present for many many years.  Your thoughts?


    1. Carey


      I think you must be confusing my EF with Baba's. She's the one with the 69%. Mine is more like 60%. Pretty good, but nothing like hers, which is fantastic.

      At least during an AF/AFL episode I would bet EF is reduced, but unless you've gone without treatment for so long that you're experiencing heart failure from it, I doubt that AF/AFL have much effect on EF.


    2. Robbie


      That's pretty much what I thought.  60% is not good???  It's more than fine.;)

  6. Glad to hear your answer on cardioversions - lots of adverse opinions on frequency and I have found them useful - and love that propofol ! Didi

  7. Carey: I believe your thorough experience with potassium and afib needs to be disseminated. My suggestion would be either a single case report of your experience or probably, easier and perhaps better, a letter to the editor in one of the medical journals. As you probably know, the letters are not usually peer reviewed and are more readily accepted. I would suggest the NEJM (go for the gold) for the letter or perhaps one of the emergency medicine journals or perhaps the J of Clinical Cardiology. My thought is that some enthusiastic Resident or Post grad Fellow will hone in and pursue a larger group to study and the issue will gain acceptance. There is nothing an ER  doc would love is to see than an afib patient role in  and  be able to start an IV with D10W and 80 mEq KCl (after appropriate renal function tests show normal kidney function) and discharge the patient "cured"  after several hours. They need something in the literature to back that approach up. It could be called the Carey method or something like that. Do it. Good luck. And I appreciate your posts

    1. Carey


      Funny you would suggest that. You're not the first to do so. I do need to put this down on paper if for no other reason than it gets tiresome repeating it, and having it published in a journal indeed would be nice to see. The timing might also be good with results from the Swedish trial expected in 2017.