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  1. Pete,

    If there weren't as many "crossovers" would the trial have given us any new indications or is the fact that the study was not really not long enough  the main issue to draw empirical conclusions?


  2.  Hi Pete,

    Have perormed much research on it yet.  Maybe you can provide me with a headstart.  Is there a certain protocol typically followed in the cath lab to re-induce.  I know Isoproterenol if often used.  What else??



    1. peteycap


      Adenosine and isoproterenol

  3. Hi Carey,

    I haven't researched the issue at all.  Your LVEF is marvelous.  Is there a connection between FIB/AFL and damage to the ejection fraction?  I would think not unless the blood circulation is extensively poor and/or the FIB/AFL has been present for many many years.  Your thoughts?


    1. Carey


      I think you must be confusing my EF with Baba's. She's the one with the 69%. Mine is more like 60%. Pretty good, but nothing like hers, which is fantastic.

      At least during an AF/AFL episode I would bet EF is reduced, but unless you've gone without treatment for so long that you're experiencing heart failure from it, I doubt that AF/AFL have much effect on EF.


    2. Robbie


      That's pretty much what I thought.  60% is not good???  It's more than fine.;)

  4. portable monitors


  5. Hi Mellanie.  I just spent 3 hours on a new topic and i cant find he damn thing.  it needs some further editing.  Ideas plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


  6. Hi Pete,

    As you know, AFL returned 8 months after the 4th ablation.  I'm giving it one more shot.  This time Natale is going to do it himself.  Hopefully the debacle will hide for many years!!!!!


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    2. peteycap


      What was the topic? I notice sometimes it is in draft somewhere on the forum.  Click NEW TOPIC again, and maybe it will come back up.

    3. Robbie


      I found it made numerous references to yourself and providing "links" if they exist thru clinic trials..portable monitors suck and very rarely should they be relied upon.  There probably has been no scientific comparsion studies vis a vie portable monitors....  should I leave you out?.  A lot of what I wrote while serious is also humorous.  want me to send u a copy of the unedited version??



    4. peteycap
  7. Thanks Jane for the Like!!!!!!