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  1. Hello. Just got some interesting news today.

  2. To join the conversation, pick a forum relevant to what you're interested in reading or discussing about. Some forums, such as the Afib Local Support Groups or Afib Special Interest Topics forums, are actually 'folder' forums, which contain sub-forums within them. You cannot discuss anything within these 'folder' forums, you must access the sub-forum to post. Once you are on the forum you wish to converse on, your next step should be determined by what your intentions are. Do you want to ask a question, or discuss something new? If so, create a new topic with the 'Start New Topic' button on the upper right hand corner of the listing of topics. On this page, you will be asked to provide a Title and a Description of your topic. While you have the option to create a poll on the forum, most topics will not have any need for one. Post the body of what you wish to discuss in the large text box marked 'Topic', and then find the 'Post New Topic' button at the bottom of the page. Press this if you are ready to add your topic to the forum, or 'Preview Post' if you wish to generate a preview of how it will look when it is posted. However, before creating a new topic, remember that the issue you want to raise might have already been discussed already. In the interests of keeping the board tidy, consider doing a brief search on the subject at hand before posting a new topic. On the upper right side of the forum, above the 'Start New Topic' button, is a search window. Simply type in the subject you wish to find out about in the text box to the left of the 'Search' button, then press that button. Once the search results are in, and you find a topic that meets your interests, you may want to add a comment to the topic. To do this, once you've opened the topic, click on the 'Add Reply' button in the middle of the three-button bank above the topic - or, press the same 'Add Reply' button also found at the bottom of the topic - they both perform the exact same function, and exist in duplicate for your convenience. From here, you are taken to a word processing window, which will allow you to create and edit your post. Once completed, you may either click the 'Add Reply' button, which will add your new post to the topic, or the 'Preview Post', which as noted above, allows you to view and edit your post before permanently posting it. Finally, the 'Cancel' option allows you to discard your reply at any time. If you do not wish to go to all the hassle of going from page to page to craft a new post, and simply wish to briefly add a comment to the discussion, then instead of pressing 'Add Reply', you can simply scroll to the bottom of any open topic and find the word processing box under the heading Fast Reply. Enter your message, and press 'Post' for a quick and easy way to contribute. However, be warned, you cannot preview your message. Finally, please remember, although the both the 'Add Reply' and 'Start New Topic' button can both be found when viewing an existing topic, only the 'Add Reply' button will add your contribution to the existing topic.
  3. The very first thing you will need to do to join the StopAfib community is to register an account, and enable it for posting. To do this, find and click the button marked 'Register' in the upper right corner of the screen. Please take a moment to read the terms of agreement, then check the box underneath to agree to the rules and conditions, then press the 'Continue Registration' button underneath. You will now need to choose a username to use for logging in, which will not be seen by others, and a display name, which will be your alias to the community. When entering an e-mail address, ensure that it is both correctly spelled and is a valid one you can access - you will not be able to enable your StopAfib.org account unless you can access the e-mail address you provide. Finally, at the bottom of the page, the forum uses a form of spam protection known as a Captcha. If you are able to see the words formed in the image box, please type them underneath it. If you cannot see the words and would like to try with a different word, press the first of the three blue buttons to the right of the box. Should this not help, you can press the second button to have a phrase read to you, which you must type into the box. Finally, when this is all completed, you must press the Register button at the bottom of the screen. If there is a problem with the registration information you provided, you will be returned to the same page to fix it, otherwise, you will now be registered. To finish registration, check the inbox for the e-mail address you provided, and find the confirmation link provided in the message StopAfib.org will send you. If the e-mail message does not arrive immediately, please wait up to 5 minutes for it's arrival. Congratulations, you are now registered! It's time to log in to your new account. Find the 'Sign In' button on the upper right of the screen, next to the 'Register' button. Simply enter the user name you selected in the registration process, as well as the password you selected, and press the 'Sign In' button. You're now logged in, and can post. At this time, you can edit your profile, post new topics, or reply to existing topics. We encourage you to fill in your profile first, then jump into the community and start posting.