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  1. Good day!  I was diagnosed with persistent Afib after an episode on May 23.  Previously in 2004 I had a bout with persistent as well and successfully cardioverted to normal sinus rhythm and stayed on Coumadin for a year. In 2012 I had another bout and wound up in the ER but went back into NSR after taking potassium supplements. I take 3000mg per day due to low potassium. This latest bout on May 23, my cardiologist did Echo and Stress said everything was fine and referred me to an EP, who recommended another cardiovert in two weeks BUT he wants me to go on Amiodarone for 3 months along with the Xarelto I am on.  I am not too keen on the idea of Amiodarone due to the severe side effects that I read about. I can tie all three of my episodes to heavy caffeine use and low potassium levels as found in he ER.  My question is; is it normal practice three days to electro-cardiovert AND prescribe Amiodarone.  My EP said we could try cardiovert without it (it's up to me) but he could almost guarantee I would be back in Afib. I want to try just a Cardioversion without the Amiodarone since I have quit all caffeine use and then try to maintain my electrolytes better.  Does this seem like a plan that makes sense. Curious to hear your thoughts on this. Thanks so much for your comments.