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  1. Hope you are doing well. How was your procedure with Dr Natale?


  2. How do I update info that is on bottom of posts ? I need to update . Thanks, Didi

  3. Hey Jersey ! 

    Please give me the info on home sleep apnea test you liked ? Can I order it myself and just take to my doctor? 

    Thanks, Didi

    1. peteycap


      It costs a max of $200 if you do it yourself. If the doctor refers you it will be covered.

  4. Sue - how does one add their photo ? Thanks, Didi

  5. First diagnosed June 2016

    Pradaxa and Diltiazem 

    Switched to Flecainide after one month - did not tolerate

    Cardioversion # 1 July  - lasted 10 days

    cardioversion # 2 lasted 2 weeks

    stopped Flecainide and Pradaxa ( switched to Eliquis)

    cardioversion # 3 August 2016 followed by Tikosyn hospital stay 

    Tikosyn successful 

    Stayed in nsr until Feb 2017 

    cardioversion # 4 

    added 12&1/2 mg of Metoprolol to 500 mg Tikosyn 2xd & Eliquis 5 mg 2xd 

    Experience other strange rate related issues but generally AFib free 

    Take 600 mg Magnesium daily 

  6. Diagnosed with AFIB in 2016

    Pradaxa and Diltiazem initially prescribed.( July)

    Cardioversion July( lasted 2 weeks)

    Flecainide added 

    Sedcond Cardioversion - lasted 10 days 

    3rd Cardioversion followed by Tikosyn and Eliquis ( Sept)

     One Afib episode last Feb 

    4 th cardioversion

    12&1/2 mg of Metopoprol added to 500 Tikosyn 2xd & 5 mg Eliquis 5 mg 2xd


  7. Please tell me what treatment you are on ? Thanks, Didi

    1. netmouse


      I posted my recent afib status and treatment  here:


  8. Hi Heather - while on Tikosyn did you feel flutters ? I have been feeling them lately and wonder if it is normal ? Been on Tikosyn since August . Thanks, Didi

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    2. heather R

      heather R

      Hope you stay in normal rhythm. Are you on 250mg or 500mg?

      I had to go to higher dose after about a year and a half.


    3. Deirdre Dame

      Deirdre Dame

      I take 500 twice a day along with Eliquis 

    4. Deirdre Dame

      Deirdre Dame

      Tikosyn users unite!

  9. Glad to hear your answer on cardioversions - lots of adverse opinions on frequency and I have found them useful - and love that propofol ! Didi

  10. Baba ! I am trying many of your plantar ideas! Thanks - ordered shoes yesterday and have CROCS SANDALS TOO! 

    You said you tried shots - were you on Tikosyn ? I was told not to have cortisone shot because of interaction of the two .It would help a lot to get one now - so let me know please- and thanks for good advice! Didi

    1. baba


      No, I have never been on Tikosyn. Perhaps the subject then should go out there to someone else. Good for your trying a different shoe. I have Ortho slippers that I slip on almost daily. They are cheaper on Ebay than in stores. Even though I don't wear my Ortho shoes always outside our house, just correcting the rise of the arch puts less strain on your already hurting heels. I do like Sketchers slip on shoes also. They are only weigh ounces and give a spring to my step. 

      I hope you get the inside the toe type croc sandal with the gel like heel. I wore them in the house for almost an entire year when my heels were at their worse. 

      Also, the stretch that worked well for me and sometimes I just occasionally do it just because. I can still remember those days of shopping in a mall and having to stop at every store front playing I was interested in their displays. My heels were so bad I need that rest over and over again. You put your toes on the front of a stairstep and lean forward for about 15 seconds. It stretches the calf muscle that rides over your heel. 

      This is I know away from our Afib subjects but I also remember walking into my Doctor's office when Afib was bad and stopping every few steps to enjoy the flowers. Actually, I was so out of breath, I could hardly walk a few feet until I regained by breath. 

  11. Thanks for feedback . 

    Last year I received 3 Cortisone shots -a month apart for plantar fasciitis . They helped but 3 months later I was diagnosed with AFIB. 

    Coincidence? Don't know ? 

    I am in pain now and need an alternative . Any suggestions ? Thanks! Didi

    1. netmouse


      Links to a good website below.  If pain meds like Tylenol do not work, cortisone can be the next step - but only short term.

      Reading this, Physical Therapy to stretch tissues seems a good treatment.  If nothing works, surgery can help contracted tissues that seem to cause the pain. 

      I had a few shots years ago in my elbow for something like carpel tunnel.  There is strong advisement to not use many shots, it is very powerful.  3 shots for you sounds like enough no matter what else is going on.  See an orthopeadic surgeon to discuss the next step.  PT if you haven't tried that or surgery.


  12. Thank you Otto ! 

    I am having TEE and cardioconversion (sp?) next Tues . Drugs don't seem to be bringing heart rate down past 116 or in rhythm .

    Are you going to be in Dallas at Sept. meeting ?

    ps scared of this TEE & shock treatment ! Best, Didi

  13. I have seen Dr John McAnulty but he doesn't seem like a good fit for me - 

    My doctor Miles Hassell at St. Vincent's reccommended Dr Randy Jones . I was so happy to see your post and that you were pleased ! 

    Can you share any more ?

    Thanks, Didi 

    diagnosed a month ago and at lose ends for guidance.