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  1. Linda,

    Please stop "engaging" with Fred B (I am asking the same of him) and leave his comments alone until things cool down. Thanks.


    1. netmouse


      A cool off period makes great sense.  For me, it began with my Zia Patch post.  Fred and Otto immediately took it off on a tangent and were quite rude and wrong.  The intent of my post was lost.  Pete and Corey tried to help me out by pushing back on those two.  It may be a bit of sexism by the old boys or their quirky manner.  Otto has been fine after.

      I know Pete has had a rough time with NJgolfer in quite a few threads, he pushes back on her even saying he wouldn't take orders from a bully.  And it seems in the past there have been some "personalities". 

      If there is a really rough post, and I have received some whoppers from Fred, even telling me to eat a warfarin cookie, can I "report" a post as inappropriate and it will be removed?