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  1. What I loved about Marchlinski was even though he ids so skilled and BRILLIANT he does not talk down to you and ( im a music teacher  to k-5 kids so this REALLY impressed me)he explains it so you can understand what will and can and cannot happen. Santangeli did my ablation though

    1. mellanie


      Dr. Marchlinski is one of the nicest people. His family is incredible, too. He brings his wife and son to many of the medical meetings, and I have watched his son grow up. His son has even become my "buddy". When we were all in Melbourne, Australia to speak at Asia Pacific Heart Rhythm Society, they took us down the river on the boat and then we walked several blocks to the National Museum for the faculty dinner. Dr. Marchlinski's son and I were first off the boat, and we walked together to the museum, leaving the "adults" behind. Now, every time he sees me, his son gives me a big huge, which is very unexpected for a young teen boy. But, he is a sweetheart!