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  1. Baba ! I am trying many of your plantar ideas! Thanks - ordered shoes yesterday and have CROCS SANDALS TOO! 

    You said you tried shots - were you on Tikosyn ? I was told not to have cortisone shot because of interaction of the two .It would help a lot to get one now - so let me know please- and thanks for good advice! Didi

    1. baba


      No, I have never been on Tikosyn. Perhaps the subject then should go out there to someone else. Good for your trying a different shoe. I have Ortho slippers that I slip on almost daily. They are cheaper on Ebay than in stores. Even though I don't wear my Ortho shoes always outside our house, just correcting the rise of the arch puts less strain on your already hurting heels. I do like Sketchers slip on shoes also. They are only weigh ounces and give a spring to my step. 

      I hope you get the inside the toe type croc sandal with the gel like heel. I wore them in the house for almost an entire year when my heels were at their worse. 

      Also, the stretch that worked well for me and sometimes I just occasionally do it just because. I can still remember those days of shopping in a mall and having to stop at every store front playing I was interested in their displays. My heels were so bad I need that rest over and over again. You put your toes on the front of a stairstep and lean forward for about 15 seconds. It stretches the calf muscle that rides over your heel. 

      This is I know away from our Afib subjects but I also remember walking into my Doctor's office when Afib was bad and stopping every few steps to enjoy the flowers. Actually, I was so out of breath, I could hardly walk a few feet until I regained by breath. 

  2. 3 ablations for Afib since 2003 and still carry 'silent' afib. Now now sign of Afib for 1 1/2 years. -Baba age 72

  3. All seems silent after 3 ablations. Shhhh!

  4. 2009 last ablation. Holding in SR. Diagnosed with a "possible" silent Afib. No incedents for a year now. Recheck with EP. Choice to keep on warfarin or 1 aspirin. Choose warfarin for another year.

  5. like a cork being tossed around in an uncaring sea-Otto