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  1. Hello Sue,

    Not sure if my last email got lost in the shuffle.  I was updating you on my cardiac ablation..It has been postponed until I have my bladder surgery (much needed) and then I will head to San Francisco and Dr. Natale's ablation.

    I did ask how frequent your episodes of AFIB were at the time that you decided on an ablation.  I hope that question did not offend.

    Hoping all goes well with you post-ablation,




    1. Sue in WDC

      Sue in WDC

      Hi, Elena. I've been wondering about you and was going to try and send you a private message. My computer is shot so I'm trying to follow the forum on my phone. What a pain! Anyway, I m glad I can still send and receive private messages.

      Before my ablation, I had a-fib every 10 days or so. I think I had five episodes in the month leading up to the procedure. Some episodes were short -- three or four hours -- and some were longer -- 24 to 30 hours. Often I can figure out my triggers, but I had no clue what, if anything, brought on those episodes. When my ablation date rolled around, I was ready.

      When are you having bladder surgery? It sounds serious, and I hope it goes well.


  2. Hi Sue,

    I agree with you take on the repeat ablation in a patient with no symptoms.  I would love to hear Dr. Natale's take on this since he was at the conference in SF.

    Now for an update on my ablation which has been postponed for a bit because I have the need for bladder suspension surgery more than for an ablation.

    What began as a drip drip drip is now a gully washer and so off to the surgery, hopefully within the week. Two surgeons will be doing a baldder suspension and a vag. hyst.  They say six weeks to mend and then it is off to San Fran. for the ablation.

    I am anxious to get these finished, had hoped that by Fall (my favorite season of the year) I woudl be well on the mend.  Still hoping for that.

    How often were you having AF episodes when you decided on the ablation?  Mine have returned to once a month. Have lost 25 lbs. on Weight Watchers and hope to lose another 15-20 lbs. Maybe this weight loss has decreased the AF burden (Dr. Mandrola would be so proud :)