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  1. Hi: It started with njgolfer inferring that this website (Mellanie's non-profit) is gaming the system and milking it for money. We don't want to censor anyone or have them be required to donate, but to bite the hand that feeds you and smear the person that set up a forum is really unacceptable and bizarre.  then she corrects everyone and I am not the only one that told her to relax. Something is wrong with her. I actually know who she is and I know she was on some kind of a committee or org to raise money for Jill Stein... so that has to tell you something.

    1. Sue in WDC

      Sue in WDC

      Hi, Pete. I did a quick search of her screen name and came up with someone with a great golf handicap, who loves wine and restaurants and has a boat, and who is interested in duck hunting. I'd assumed she was in Canada (I thought she said Ontario), but the "njgolfer" in my quick search lives in New Jersey or perhaps the "New York area."

      I thought her challenge to Mellanie and the forum was odd, too. She had such a knee-jerk reaction to what she took as a request for money. Talk about an overreaction. She looked up Mellanie's 990, and without knowing anything about StopAfib's and Mellanie's mission, decided she didn't like what she saw. What bothered me is after all of us repeatedly said StopAfib is not a scam or a gravy-train for Mellanie's family, she didn't relent at all.

      After your back-and-forth with her, I think EB's advice in that thread makes sense. Don't engage her. Say what you think and move on. She's not going to change her mind no matter how reasonable what you or I or anyone else has to say is. Fortunately, most of us come to StopAfib to learn, but every so often, someone like njgolfer comes along who is taking out her frustrations on the rest of us. I think if we keep our distance, she'll either mellow or go away.


  2. Hey David. I have low platelets also. I looked at old blood draws from 1994. My highest was 150. They have dropped over the years, but tend to fluctuate up and down. Lowest was 119. Doctor is talking about B12 shots. Where in NJ are you from? I am living in Maryland, but lived most of my life in Monmouth County. Ocean Township and Little Silver, NJ.

    1. David H

      David H

      Hey Pete: I'm a born and raised Jersey Boy from Trenton.  I spent the summers working at Seaside Hts, NJ. Served for 4yrs in the USAF '63-'67 and spent some time in Hawaii. Afterword I lived in Honolulu from '72 thru '76. Then moved to Minneapolis (where it's cold!).  In 2006, I hit the road as a full time RVer, then settled in central Texas.My hemotologist checks my platelet issue every 6 months, and since I'm basically asymptomatic, he doesn't want to do anything.  My newest issue this week is being welcomed to the world of diverticulitis (even though I've always used a low-fat fiber rich diet and exercised daily.) Just fits right in with what SNL's Rossanna Roseannadanna used to say: "It just goes to show you, it's always SOMETHING!