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  1. Tomorrow is Ablation Time

    Good luck tomorrow, Mike. You might want to register on the site (rather than post as a guest), so you're sure to see responses to your post. If you look around in this section of the forum, you'll find instructions for how to do it. (Look for Brenna Lara's posts.) --Sue
  2. Apple Watch

    Hi, Guest Heather. You might want to register to post and read threads on the forum. You're likely to get some responses to your question, but I'm not sure you'll be able to follow them and comment as a guest poster. We tend to share a lot of information here about our a-fib experiences, but not too much else. We're a friendly group, but it's up to you how much you want to tell us. Registration is free and, beyond the basics, doesn't require more information than you want to provide. --Sue
  3. Sue - how does one add their photo ? Thanks, Didi

  4. Sue, someone needs to put a stop to evolving argument about Obama care going on now. My urging!


  5. Sue, I just got back from seeing Dr. Cynthia Tracy, whom you recommended a while back when I posted that my original doctor had left the practice and I had booked an appointment with Dr. Tracy.

    You were so right about her!  She was actually much more thorough than my original doctor, and I didn't feel Susan so rushed during the visit.  I feel very lucky to be her patient.

    Thanks again for responding when you did -- I,was an n such a state of panic when I posted.


    1. Sue in WDC

      Sue in WDC

      Hi, Susan.

      I'm so glad you liked Dr. Tracy. I think we're both in good hands.

      When do you see her again? My next appointment is in early June.


    2. Ficus7


      I won't need to see her for a year unless something changes that concerns me. Meanwhile, good luck at your June appointment.

  6. Hi: It started with njgolfer inferring that this website (Mellanie's non-profit) is gaming the system and milking it for money. We don't want to censor anyone or have them be required to donate, but to bite the hand that feeds you and smear the person that set up a forum is really unacceptable and bizarre.  then she corrects everyone and I am not the only one that told her to relax. Something is wrong with her. I actually know who she is and I know she was on some kind of a committee or org to raise money for Jill Stein... so that has to tell you something.

    1. Sue in WDC

      Sue in WDC

      Hi, Pete. I did a quick search of her screen name and came up with someone with a great golf handicap, who loves wine and restaurants and has a boat, and who is interested in duck hunting. I'd assumed she was in Canada (I thought she said Ontario), but the "njgolfer" in my quick search lives in New Jersey or perhaps the "New York area."

      I thought her challenge to Mellanie and the forum was odd, too. She had such a knee-jerk reaction to what she took as a request for money. Talk about an overreaction. She looked up Mellanie's 990, and without knowing anything about StopAfib's and Mellanie's mission, decided she didn't like what she saw. What bothered me is after all of us repeatedly said StopAfib is not a scam or a gravy-train for Mellanie's family, she didn't relent at all.

      After your back-and-forth with her, I think EB's advice in that thread makes sense. Don't engage her. Say what you think and move on. She's not going to change her mind no matter how reasonable what you or I or anyone else has to say is. Fortunately, most of us come to StopAfib to learn, but every so often, someone like njgolfer comes along who is taking out her frustrations on the rest of us. I think if we keep our distance, she'll either mellow or go away.


  7. Hi Sue, thanks for your reply to my post about severe torture.The post seem to be missing. About noise sensativity, this is not the case in my harassment situation, law enforcement intentionally brings my attention to the sounds, keeps me cognitively impaired by doing so, thats torture by sounds kept under cover, so noone would know they torture, I have evidence of that. Appreciate your feeback however. Have a good day. Tatiana

  8. Sue,

    You and I could be twins by body weight. My usual is 118 but I vary down by 2 to 3 lbs.




    1. Sue in WDC

      Sue in WDC

      Hi, Heather.

      Being twins by weight (and ablation dates, too) sounds good to me! I have to work at my weight, though, but it's worth it. I really hope I'm never overweight again.

      How are you doing, by the way? I have an idea from your posts, but I hope things are better now.

      Take care,


    2. heather R

      heather R

      Hi Sue,

      I have to now work at keeping my weight at this level. Before, I was rarely over 114. Now, I have to watch that 118 doesn't become over 120.

      I still have silent bouts of Afib (according to my Kardia), but feel great most of the time with metropolol being reduced in half to 50 mg. per day.

      Also the Afib leaves me with heart rate never over 110 . I'll be wearing a Fusion monitor( sounds similar to others for 2 weeks ) for Dr. Koneru.

      You take care and have no Afib.



  9. Sue, best of luck on your upcoming checkup

     Please keep us updated. 


  10. Hello Sue,

    Not sure if my last email got lost in the shuffle.  I was updating you on my cardiac ablation..It has been postponed until I have my bladder surgery (much needed) and then I will head to San Francisco and Dr. Natale's ablation.

    I did ask how frequent your episodes of AFIB were at the time that you decided on an ablation.  I hope that question did not offend.

    Hoping all goes well with you post-ablation,




    1. Sue in WDC

      Sue in WDC

      Hi, Elena. I've been wondering about you and was going to try and send you a private message. My computer is shot so I'm trying to follow the forum on my phone. What a pain! Anyway, I m glad I can still send and receive private messages.

      Before my ablation, I had a-fib every 10 days or so. I think I had five episodes in the month leading up to the procedure. Some episodes were short -- three or four hours -- and some were longer -- 24 to 30 hours. Often I can figure out my triggers, but I had no clue what, if anything, brought on those episodes. When my ablation date rolled around, I was ready.

      When are you having bladder surgery? It sounds serious, and I hope it goes well.


  11. Hi Sue,

    I agree with you take on the repeat ablation in a patient with no symptoms.  I would love to hear Dr. Natale's take on this since he was at the conference in SF.

    Now for an update on my ablation which has been postponed for a bit because I have the need for bladder suspension surgery more than for an ablation.

    What began as a drip drip drip is now a gully washer and so off to the surgery, hopefully within the week. Two surgeons will be doing a baldder suspension and a vag. hyst.  They say six weeks to mend and then it is off to San Fran. for the ablation.

    I am anxious to get these finished, had hoped that by Fall (my favorite season of the year) I woudl be well on the mend.  Still hoping for that.

    How often were you having AF episodes when you decided on the ablation?  Mine have returned to once a month. Have lost 25 lbs. on Weight Watchers and hope to lose another 15-20 lbs. Maybe this weight loss has decreased the AF burden (Dr. Mandrola would be so proud :)


  12. I'm doing well on Amiodarone (200 mg/day), with just a few breakthroughs in the past year. I'm keeping my fingers crossed I don't develop any nasty side effects.