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  1. Cue:  Where you been?

    David H


  2. David,

    I am removing your post about the book on Trump because politics is out of scope of this forum. 

    Our forum rules (at the top of the forum) explicitly state:

    " This forum is for supporting each other. To protect the harmony of this forum, the moderators reserve the right to remove members who are disrespectful to each other or to third parties, and to close threads when necessary (especially when they stray off into politics). Your use of this forum constitutes agreement with this policy. "


    1. David H

      David H

      I understand..............I also understand what the consequences of the membership being kept "in the dark" regarding a politicos' motives and movements.  I offered no evaluation -- just an insight (written by others) as to how government policies can affect one's healthcare.



    2. mellanie



      There are plenty of OTHER places that we each go to get a heads up on what is going on in politics. This will not be one of those places.

      It's not the posting of the book that is the problem so much as it is an open invitation for others to post their thoughts, which inevitably ends up in a flame war. The stress is not good for anyone with afib, so we try to keep this a stress-free zone.



    3. David H

      David H

      I capisce.


  3. Hey Pete: The warfarin gig is getting me ready to turn into an alcoholic.  Too many variables - when measured either by finger stick or blood draw - to achieve a correct reading.  I'm now looking closely at Praxda or Eliquis.  My primary Doc is gun shy about the new NOAC's for me with my low platelet numbers.  With your low platelet counts how has Pradaxa worked for you?  I'll be planning a visit soon with the man who SHOULD know - my hematologist --  to get his $0.02 on this subject.



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    2. peteycap
    3. David H

      David H

      Interesting --- I have a Primary care Doc visit this coming week (she's a young female, but does work with the patients quite well) followed by a blood draw for INR a couple days later.  Over the past number of months, my warfarin dosage has been increased approx 50% (from 5mg daily to 7.5mg daily) yet my PT and INR numbers are all over the place.  Chubabubba has stated when a finger stick is not performed correctly (ie: an additional drop of blood added to the first drop in the test strip) is a no-no and results in a false "low" INR number.  I see my hematologist and or his P.A. in a week and a half.  I'll quiz them both on the subject of do varying blood platelet counts have any effect on INR / PT figures?  At my primary docs appt. on Tuesday, I'm going to insist we start back at square one with a dosage of 5mg daily and see how the results go.   Then the following week, see what my hematologist thinks of the new NOAC's .  BTW: I stumbled across an ad for the drug "Savaysa"  (Edoxaban).  Never heard of it before- have you? 

    4. peteycap


      I heard of it. Approved in 2015.

  4. Hey David. I have low platelets also. I looked at old blood draws from 1994. My highest was 150. They have dropped over the years, but tend to fluctuate up and down. Lowest was 119. Doctor is talking about B12 shots. Where in NJ are you from? I am living in Maryland, but lived most of my life in Monmouth County. Ocean Township and Little Silver, NJ.

    1. David H

      David H

      Hey Pete: I'm a born and raised Jersey Boy from Trenton.  I spent the summers working at Seaside Hts, NJ. Served for 4yrs in the USAF '63-'67 and spent some time in Hawaii. Afterword I lived in Honolulu from '72 thru '76. Then moved to Minneapolis (where it's cold!).  In 2006, I hit the road as a full time RVer, then settled in central Texas.My hemotologist checks my platelet issue every 6 months, and since I'm basically asymptomatic, he doesn't want to do anything.  My newest issue this week is being welcomed to the world of diverticulitis (even though I've always used a low-fat fiber rich diet and exercised daily.) Just fits right in with what SNL's Rossanna Roseannadanna used to say: "It just goes to show you, it's always SOMETHING!