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  1. Thank you, Mellanie for the response. I live in Spokane, Washington. However, I could certainly see going to Seattle or Portland which are larger areas but within reach.

  2. Welcome to the forum. My mini maze was done at Scott & White in Temple, TX, by the team of Charles Reiter and Erik Beyer. Dr. Reiter is still there, but Dr. Beyer has moved to another institution. There are other highly skilled surgeons around the country that also do mini maze, so I'll be glad to help you locate someone in your area if you'd like to share where you're located.

  3. Hi, Mellanie-

    It is very uplifting to hear of your successful experience. Also sounds like you a competent surgeon. I'm new to this site (today) so apologize if my next question has been answered. However, are you willing to share the location and doctor name where you had your procedure. Thank you, Greencliff