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  1. Hi, I'm going to give as brief but complete a history as possible and I thank you for asking.

    April 2016 started getting short of breath.  Cardiologist said my two-leaflet aortic valve was too stiff and needed to be replaced.  Work-up showed a 4cm aneurysm in my ascending aorta.  Open-chest surgery June replacing aortic valve (bovine) and resection of aneurysm with graft replacement.  Came from OR in afib and it has never stopped.  It has just gotten so severe that  I was in heart failure and had to be hospitalized 3 weeks ago.  Wasn't started on rate control med (diltiazem) until 3 months ago when shortnesss of breath became much worse.  I live in Central, SC, about 30 miles from Greenville, SC in the upstate.  

    I am a terrible patient and for many months/years just lived with it and didn't see doctors often.  I simply wanted to keep working and find a way to deal with it later.  I have an internist whom I love as my PCP and a cardiologist whom I also love but the EP is new to the area and new to me and I don't know anything about him.  He's alright to talk with but he hasn't spent any time giving me possible options or more information.  I get the feeling that he is gung-ho the av node ablation and wants to jump right into it. 

    Thank you so much for responding to me and please accept my apologiy for talking so much. lol   


    1. steffke0104


      Dell, sorry, I know it takes a while to figure out how the mechanics of the forum work. By responding to just me, the rest of the forum members can't see it, and there are several others who are way more knowledgeable in complicated cases like yours. Carey and Sue in particular.  I'm going to see if one of the forum monitors can move it over but (sorry) it might be best if you can just copy and paste your message as a response on the original thread. 

      I know there are some who have experience with AV node ablation, persistent AFib, HF and valve replacement. (I'm paroxysmal but chronic.) It would be good for you if they can jump into the conversation. That's the wonderful thing about the forum, we've got such diverse experience with this condition and can offer some realistic insight's.

      Take care, my friend, and you'll find the forum is like being with a group of good friends who completely understand the mental effects of AFib.