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Posting to the Community Calendar


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Welcome to the StopAfib Forum. It's easy to post your event to our Atrial Fibrillation Community Calendar. Just follow the easy steps below, and then let me know to approve it. You can e-mail me at mhills@stopafib.org or send me a private message on this forum. Thanks.

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In order to post on the StopAfib Community Calendar, you need a registered account. For more information on how to register an account please see the instructions for Registration and Logging In.

  • Once registered, click on the link to the Community Calendar.
  • Then click "Add Event" in the right side of the screen, just above the calendar.
  • Here you can enter in your event details. You have the option to include it as an all day event, or during certain hours. You may also choose to have a multi-day event.
  • In order to complete post, you must include event details at the bottom of the page in the box titled "Event."
  • You also have the option to format your information, or include links to the main webpage advertising the event.
  • Once your event is posted, you must notify us that it needs to be approved. This step is necessary for your event to be visible on the community calendar. Please email mmoss@stopafib.org or mhills@stopafib.org once your event is ready to be approved.

Thanks for posting!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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