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I am 52 years old.  At the end of September 2022 I got covid and 3 weeks later I went into AFib every day for a month and then it was every other day until I had my ablation in February 2023.  I have had a second ablation, 4 weeks ago because I had a remaining trigger outside the pulmonary vein.  I have bradycardia so i could not tolerate a beta blocker and I couldn't handle Flecanide. Prior to Covid I had one episode of afib 2 years prior.  I am very healthy, I eat well and I live an active lifestyle.  I am afraid of getting sick just in case it brings it on again.  I avoid big crowds and socialize in small groups.  

My question is, since I have had 2 ablations, do I need to live in fear of getting sick and having it trigger more episodes?

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